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Making Connections

Movers Union is in the unique business of making connections: we connect moving trucks that have excess capacity with people with things to move all across America. Instead of trying to find trusted and reliable trucking or moving companies for your next move, trust to provide you with a range of options – always knowing that we have already done the hard work of ensuring that your chosen moving truck is licensed and trusted. gives you a one-to-one connection with movers who are able to help support your needs right now: often the same day. Finding a moving company on short notice can be particularly stressful, but not with Movers Union! Our partner movers let us know when a truck finishes a job early and is ready for deployment somewhere else – so there are always trucks available for an emergency transfer. Need to move the contents of your entire home or dorm room across two streets or across two states? No problem! We support all size and distance moves from one item to thousands and our moving companies come from across the U.S. No registration is required to see your results, so you do not have to worry about getting marketing calls or emails.  

How It Works
A moving company posts that they will have a truck in your city and that it has completed its local job by 11am. A customer in the area needs the truck by 12pm – and Movers Union will match them up! The moving company wins because they have a fully booked day, and the customer wins because their same-day move is completed without stress and possibly at a discount. Win-win!

Let’s say a family is moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The moving company will then have a truck that it out of its territory and would be driving home empty and unpaid. Instead, Movers Union can help match up the truck that is coming home from Las Vegas with a customer at any point along the way who has a load that needs to move to the Los Angeles area. Everyone saves money by “sharing” the truck.

Get Started
All you need to do to get started with your move is to enter your “Moving From” and “Moving To” information, let us know your date and any flexibility, and get ready to see the options we have available! Not seeing any trucks yet? Never fear, we will help you find one and get you on the path towards a quick, successful and cost-effective move. Try us today!