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Partner with the Best: Movers Union Helps You Fill Empty Inventory

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The moving industry is tough – moving trucks are expensive to purchase, gas prices are certainly not cheap, and there is a lot of competition out there. If you are a long distance mover, you may find that you are often sending trucks out or sending trucks home empty – often over several hundred miles – and that is wasted money as you are paying the trucker and the gas, but a customer is not paying you. You may be affiliated with some other moving services sites that claim to provide instant quotes for customers, but you are not really sure how much business you are getting from those websites. How do you solve the problem of excess capacity, when you don’t have a direct outlet to customers that need to use the capacity you have to offer?

Movers Union Partner


MoversUnion.com is the answer.


Far from being yet another moving company aggregation site, MoversUnion.com adds value to consumers by providing a list of currently available trucks in a specific area, during a stated range of dates chosen by the consumer. Why is this so valuable to consumers? Instead of having to call dozens of different trucking or moving companies, taking their valuable time and risking getting burned when something goes wrong, a consumer instead comes to MoversUnion.com. Partners like you log in and list your available inventory and dates, and when someone comes to the website, we are able to match you up.


We offer our partners a 90-day free trial period, so you can list your inventory, be matched up with consumers, and see first-hand how valuable this service is to getting your open inventory matched up with paying customers. MoversUnion.com appeals to end consumers because we do not require that they enter any personal information unless they would like assistance getting matched up with a moving partner.


MoversUnion.com is also a hub for the moving community, where organizations can get together, share a connection, and determine other business opportunities as well.


Don’t let this great opportunity to join MoversUnion.com pass you by! Contact us for more details and to start your 90-day free trial today.

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