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How to Stay Within Your Budget on Your Next Move

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Moving is definitely a costly project – not only is there the cost of a new home, you’re also dealing with any number of utilities, movers, helpers, fuel costs, vehicle rentals, cleaning for both your current and future home and more. Simply thinking about the overwhelming costs of a move can be enough to cause a serious headache, but there are simple ways that you can minimize the overall costs of your next move. Keep your costs down without sacrificing quality with our hotlist of ways to move on the cheap.

Cut Down on Volume

You have probably heard it before, but the best way to cut down the costs of your next move is to move less stuff. This sounds pretty straightforward, but chances are if you’re considering a move you have already been looking at ways to streamline your home life. However, this tip goes beyond simply tossing out extras or duplicates – you will really need to evaluate everything that you have and see if it is something that you can live without before your move.

This is especially important if you’re moving to a smaller home or apartment than you are currently living in, or when you’re moving in with someone else and will need to consolidate material goods. Check everywhere – drawers, cabinets, your garage, your attic and your basement. If there are items that you have not used in the past six months, consider getting rid of them or making a donation to a local non-profit organization.

Don’t Buy New

When you arrive in your new home, you will almost certainly realize that there are things that you do not have that you desperately need. Instead of heading directly to the store, look around on Craigslist or wait a week. If you’re still desperate for the item and can’t find it used or at Goodwill, then go look for it.

Scavenge Your Supplies

There are plenty of places around your county where you would be able to find empty boxes, packing materials, and other great packing supplies. For example, check around your office or school for items that they are throwing away. The boxes that cases of printing paper come in are an ideal size for a moving box and are very sturdy – and often even contain lids and handles! Instead of spending your hard-earned money on buying cardboard boxes and packaging filler, ask friends and neighbors to begin saving newspapers for packing material and find boxes from large retailers in your area.

Eat Your Cupboard Empty

Don’t eat out, eat in! Eating up the food in your cupboard is not only cost-effective, it is also a time saver! If you’re eating the food, that means you don’t have to pack it, and it also means that you are saving the money you would have used to eat out several nights per week. This goes double for frozen food, which is a special challenge to move effectively.

Work with Great Movers

Having a friendly and knowledgeable moving vendor can make all the difference in the world. Use MoversUnion.com to find and vet moving companies that can help you get everything where it needs to go safely and quickly – and at a minimal cost to you! The beauty of MoversUnion.com is that you can enter your move date, your location – and get a list of movers who are headed your way around your move dates, which might even save you money!

Making a move doesn’t have to break your budget as long as you plan ahead, think smart, and work with great resources such as MoversUnion.com.

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