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Hiring Helpers for Your Next Move

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Moving your home or office can be a big undertaking – and if you have any sort of medical concerns at all, you are going to need some help to avoid additional injury or pure exhaustion. The number of details that you will be dealing with is overwhelming; forget the fact that it is incredibly physical as well. However, you need to know that your belongings are being handled by professionals and will be safe before, during and after your move. How can you choose the best pro helpers to not only assist your move but help you keep your sanity?

Choose Tasks to Outsource

There are certain things that people are not comfortable having others do for them, and for you that could include having others box up your belongings. If that is the case, then decide where in the moving process you would be comfortable asking for help. Maybe loading the truck and unloading it when it arrives at your home is where you need the most assistance. Or perhaps you just want someone else to drive your belongings if you’re not comfortable driving a large truck. No matter what you need assistance with, make a list of your needs and start looking for options.

Use MoversUnion.com

Finding a moving company can be challenging, especially finding one that is headed in your direction in about the same time that you need to move. However, when you’re using MoversUnion.com, you’ll quickly and easily see lists of moving companies who are going your way, and what type of assistance they can offer your move. You may also see individuals who are willing to lend a hand on a move in a variety of different ways.

Get an Estimate (and a Contract!)

Trusting people is a wonderful trait to have, but when you are working with others, it is best to have a contract. Not that anyone is actually untrustworthy, but just to eliminate the opportunity for misunderstandings that can occur in any type of business situation. Contracts protect both parties, ensuring that any terms and questions are fully laid out in terms that both parties are comfortable with before any work is started.

Check the Policies

There are certain moving agencies that charge a premium for weekend work, or who do not fully cover any damaged or lost items. These are the questions that you need to ask upfront, ensuring that you can get reimbursed for the full replacement cost of an item if it is dropped and broken. Always ask for insurance so you can be sure you’re fully covered. Once you have a pretty firm decision on which moving vendor to use, don’t be afraid to check the Better Business Bureau. Not only is it expected by most moving vendors, but they should encourage you to learn more about the company and ensure that you are right for each other before starting a move.

Don’t Skimp on Supplies

Trying to put too many items in a box can really raise the weight – making it tough to carry, and tougher to be safe with. When you buy extra packaging materials, you are much more likely to leave enough room for items to gently shift without breaking.

Keep your next move stress free by hiring helpers who are able to not only move your items, but give you good advice on how to do so effectively and without breakage.


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