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Keeping Floors Safe During a Move

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Moving can be tough on a lot of different things: your family, your friends, your nerves and especially your floors. Not only are the “normal” people tracking in and out of your home, most likely with shoes on, but you’ll have extra people who will be wandering around, too. Keeping your floors clean during a relocation is important as you may be moving out of a home that you no longer technically own and you do not want to leave a mess for the next owner. Keeping your carpets and hard floors clean and tidy during a move may sound impossible, but in fact you can do it easily and cost-effectively when you take a few simple precautions.

Check Your Moving Company

When you use MoversUnion to find a moving company, you know that you will be easily able to identify a number of different moving companies who are interested in supporting your move at any particular time. This means that you can take the time to interview the agencies by using the information provided on MoversUnion.com – checking to see their policies on inclement weather, how to keep a client’s home clean, and more. Confirm that your chosen moving company will use booties or some other way to keep your home clean and mud-free during your move.

Invest in Rug Runners or a Carpet Mask

While not super expensive, a non-slip rug runner can really be a lifesaver. These paper or plastic runners lie on top of your hard flooring or carpeting and may even go wall to wall to ensure shoes are not tracking in dirt and even small rocks that could scratch your floors. If you are not able to find anything else, long rolls of paper can be taped down to the floor long enough to get your items out of your old home and on to the moving truck. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t put tape on your carpet – especially not duct tape – as it can cause some serious damage. Plastic can shift on top of carpet causing slippage and causing your movers to fall, so be cautious before deciding to go this route. A carpet mask is your best option as it was manufactured specifically for this need and is non-slip.

Moving Heavy Furniture

When you’re moving furniture, even on a wheeled dolly it can be so heavy that the wheels will tear up more delicate flooring options. Instead, consider putting down some sheets of plywood and rolling across the wood instead of directly on the flooring. This will help protect both carpets and hardwood from runs and scratches. Put socks, towels or plastic bags on the feet of heavy furniture when you move it to keep everything safe as well. Furniture sliders also work extremely well when you’re moving large items such as sofas, love seats and heavy chairs.

Keep your floors clean, neat and damage free during a move when you plan ahead and keep them covered.

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