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Don’t Risk Towing: Make an Easy Connection for Your Next Move

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When you’re moving, the last thing you need is to endure the stress of figuring out truck rentals. Calling around to different moving truck rental companies can be an exercise in frustration – for what seems like no good reasons, trucks are priced as much as $100 differently for the same dates to the same locations. While part of this might be due to supply and demand, having a good overview of the different vehicles choices for a specific date and locale can really help you keep from wasting time looking around for the best option.


Reservations Can Be Challenging

Traditional reservations may or may not be accurate, as the location of moving trucks can be a moving target. This is not necessarily the moving company’s fault: if a customer returns a truck late that was slated for you to use, you could be out of luck. The same is true if there are mechanical problems with trucks, especially if you have booked your move on a busy weekend. Fortunately, this is rarely a problem with Movers Union, as moving and trucking companies are keeping us updated on an ongoing basis about the availability of specific vehicles, so you are assured to have a truck when you need it.


Stop the Endless Cycle of Calls

Don’t find yourself getting stuck in an endless cycle of calls to different moving and trucking companies, trying to find one that has space available when you need it at the price you are able to pay. Instead, use an aggregator such as MoversUnion.com, where you can go online and check availability quickly and easily – and even get the help of Movers Union professionals if you are not seeing any available trucks in your timeframe. Instead of endless calls to moving companies, take two minutes and go to MoversUnion.com to find your perfect moving match.


Get Matched Today

MoversUnion.com is in the business of matching up those who need to move and moving companies with space available. This may not even be advertised space – Movers Union excels at helping individuals and businesses just like yours find a way to get from Point A to Point B cost-effectively and without a lot of fuss and hassle. Whether you are moving at the end of the month (when apartment leases run out), Movers Union can help you find available space to move your individual items or your entire home. Booking weeks in advance can certainly help you find the best deal, but even if you find yourself in a bind and need to make a quick move, MoversUnion.com can provide you with the resources that you need to make the connection.


Better than Towing

Hiring a professional moving or trucking company to move your belongings is much safer than attempting to tow it yourself. While it may seem convenient to simply rent a small trailer and hit the road, more than 10,000 people were injured in accidents where a car was pulling a trailer. Knowing how to properly attach a trailer is critical, a skill that many individuals lack.


Keep yourself and your family safe and sane on your next move by calling on the professionals at MoversUnion.com to get connected to an insured trucking or moving company.

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