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Small Moves Don’t Equal Small Problems: Keep Trauma in Check with Movers Union

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When you are moving, you do not always have an entire household to ship across the country. Sometimes, you just have a few small items that need to move - which can make it challenging to find a moving or trucking company interested in taking on your project. If they are willing to help you move, it can be incredibly expensive to move small loads a long distance. Fortunately, MoversUnion.com can provide you with the connections that you need to get your smaller items from Point A to Point B quickly and cost-effectively.


Small Loads, Big Service

There are a few “small load” moving companies across the country, but it can be challenging to know which ones are available for your particular needs. This is where MoversUnion.com really shines – helping you find just the right moving or trucking company to complete your next move stress-free. Small load movers can tend to be limited in terms of service and coverage, but Movers Union helps you bypass that problem by connecting you with organizations who are interested in smaller moves – no matter the distance you need to go.


Know What to Ship

When you are moving a small load, it can be important to know the difference between things that you should ship via a trucking company and those items that should be delicately packed and sent in a moving trailer or truck. Determine whether you will do the packing yourself, or if you need the support of a moving company to get everything safely packed away. While certain items are fine to send via normal shipping services like FedEx or UPS, heavier items can be more cost-effective when you work directly with moving companies.


Pack Effectively

Heavy items in particular need to be packed effectively in order to be safe for others to load onto a truck. You may even need a specialized mover for items such as a piano or other large pieces of furniture. However, when you need to ship small items such as dressers or a single bed sent across the country, the best option is to disassemble as much as possible and then tightly pack with bubble wrap or packing paper. Determine whether or not you will need climate control or humidity control so you will know what type of vehicle to get. When you are talking to your moving company, be sure you fully understand what the different options are for any fragile or expensive items that you need to move.


Stay Organized

Organization can be the toughest part of moving, aside from the inevitable backaches. When you are moving even small loads, keep the boxes that you need organized and well labeled so you can reach your destination and immediately be able to find the critical items and get your boxes at least to the correct room in your home or business location. Consider putting the room information on the same side of each box so you’re not constantly searching for the details that you need.


Moving small loads long distances does not have to be a nightmare – financially or otherwise. Enlist the help of MoversUnion.com to find a reasonably-priced moving company that can support your smaller move.

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