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Why DIY Moves May Not Save You Time or Money

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There are plenty of things in life that you can do yourself almost as well as a professional with a little work: planting shrubs, basic wall painting and cleaning your home. However, there are other things that most people don’t feel comfortable tackling such as electrical connections and plumbing. While moving may seem like something that you can DIY (Do It Yourself) with little trouble, having a professional moving company can save you a lot of stress, and can certainly improve your safety.


Time Savings?

The effort and skill that a moving company brings to the table cannot be overstated: they can help pack your belongings, load them into the rental truck, deliver them to your new home, unpack the boxes and pop them right where they belong. If you do not have a sizeable group of friends and family who are willing to form lines and help you get items where they need to go – a moving company can help save your sanity. Moving companies get paid for what they do for a reason; they do it all the time and know all the best ways to pack efficiently, drive safely, and deliver items unharmed. If you make a decision to do everything yourself, expect everything to take more time than expected, and things will almost certainly go wrong.


Insured to Move

Professional moving and trucking companies carry insurance, because no matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. When you are moving yourself, are you sure that your insurance will cover any mishaps? It is a possibility that you are between insurance coverage: your coverage on your old home has already been transferred to your new home, so if problems occur are you sure it is covered? Making a phone call to your insurance company is never a bad idea. However, if you are using a professional moving company, their insurance should fully cover any problems that occur during handling.


Right Tools for the Job

Professional movers are able to employ tools that are more expensive than you may be able to afford for a single move. Specialized dollies, packing materials, a steady supply of boxes: these are all items that a well-organized moving company will be able to provide should you utilize their services. MoversUnion.com can connect you with just the right mover – a trucking or moving company that is headed in your direction, in your timeframe, and with available space for your move. Heavy items such as appliances and televisions are no problem for individuals who are accustomed to such moves; however, for the DIY mover a heavy television in a wall mount can seem like an insurmountable challenge.


Safety First

If you only have a car, renting a trailer to tow behind can leave you with all sorts of challenges. Many moving companies have rules around what type of vehicle you can use to tow their trailers. Items may end up being bigger than you realized; the mattress that you were sure would fit in your truck bed is eight inches too long. Any of these problems can cause a dicey safety situation that could be avoided by moving with a professional.


It may make sense to save the DIY for your landscaping, and use a service such as MoversUnion.com to discover your perfect moving partner.

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