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Plan Your Next Move Like a Boss with These Top Tips

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Moving can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive – especially if you don’t plan as well as you could have. That said, it’s nearly impossible to plan for everything that could possibly go wrong as you’re prepping for a move, so you’ll just have to stay calm and work through whatever gets thrown your way. Very rarely in life does someone hand you a step-by-step playbook for a complex transaction, but today is your lucky day! Follow the steps we outline below for a hassle-free move with a minimum amount of stress.

Start Immediately

There will always be something else that seems like it is more important than getting started on your move, but you need to resist that thought! Your move date will sneak up on you before you realize it, and if you have not been diligent in your planning and execution, you will certainly be behind – rushed, stressed, and frustrated. Why put yourself through that strain? Just start early; preferably as soon as you decide that you are making a change.

Pack Room by Room

While it may seem to make sense to go throughout the house and pack all of the lamps together, then pack all of the photos together – you will almost certainly end up with a big mess if you decide to pack this way. Instead, pack room by room, starting with the room that you are least likely to be using things in – like a storage room or closet. Then go through the house packing up each room as you get to it. Label everything carefully so you can simply route boxes to their correct room and start unpacking when you get to your destination!

Have a Trucking and Loading Strategy

When you work with MoversUnion.com, you are certain to get a trusted partner for your move. However, it never hurts to have a Plan B just in case something happens with your primary move vendor. Even if someone backs out at the last moment on your move, you can always go online to MoversUnion.com and search for additional help or a moving truck heading your way. Maybe you decide at the last moment that you need to move more than you originally planned on and need another truck. The beauty of a service like MoversUnion.com, is that you can find another moving company in a very quick turnaround time and without paying extra for a rush. You may even get your move completed more cost effectively than you expected!

Clean out Your Closets

If there are things in your home that you don’t really need anymore, right before your move is the time to get rid of them. Plan a large yard or garage sale if you have time, and donate everything to local charities if you do not have time or energy for a sale. Larger items such as extra beds can often be promoted on social media for a quick sale.

“Open Me First”

This sounds like a lot of extra work, but pulling together everything you will need for the first 1-3 days and putting it into a box will pay off in spades. This could include bed sheets, pillows, silverware, a single pan and a few plates. Keep it very simple with only the things that you truly need.

When you use services such as MoversUnion.com and stay organized throughout your move, you do not have to feel frantic and stressed out all the time.

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