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Top Tips for Choosing Your New Neighborhood

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When you get a new job or just want to check out a different part of the country, you are likely to be vetting a fair number of new neighborhoods with which you are not familiar. It’s even unlikely that you know someone in the town that you can ask for recommendations, so you may find yourself searching the Internet for ideas on which new neighborhood will be an ideal fit for you. Once you’ve found your perfect land, MoversUnion.com can step in and help you determine how to get there – but you have to take first steps first to find your perfect ‘hood.

Checking the Crime Rate

One of the most important things about your new neighborhood will be whether or not there is a significant crime rate. Everyone wants to be able to feel safe in their own home, and looking at houses in an area where safety is a concern – especially for families with children – could make the crime rate a deciding factor.

Job Opportunities

Especially in large cities, certain areas present a much easier commute than others, and if you already know where you will be working it might make sense to get as close as possible to a long-term job opportunity. However, if you’re moving before you have secured a position, checking the available job markets in the area can keep you from having a long commute once you’re settled in.

Proximity to Schools

If you have children, or plan to have children in the future, the school system that your potential home is zoned for is of the utmost importance. If you’re close to a large city, are you zoned for a home that is able to participate in a magnet school or magnet school lottery?

After-School Activities

If you have children, staying close to dance studios, soccer fields and churches may be a big factor in where you decide to settle. Many kids enjoy being involved with friends and local activities, so to keep from spending all of your time on the road, it makes sense to do some quick mapping to see how far you will be from their favorite things to do.

The Perfect ‘Hood

Finding just the right neighborhood for your family’s style can be challenging as well. Are you trendy, looking for an up-and-coming neighborhood where you can find relatively inexpensive housing and a creative vibe? Are you more interested in getting close to downtown and jobs with a condo? Or do you want to determine where the most kid-friendly and safe area of the suburbs is so you can put down roots? Understanding what your needs are not just now but in the next ten years is important so you’re planning ahead for where you’re headed and not just where you currently are in your life.

Plan a Site Visit

Looking for homes online is great and gives you lots of opportunities to view multiple locations without a great deal of expense. However, before you move, it’s good to check out what you’ve read and personally get the vibe of the area to be sure you like what you’re getting into.

Once you’ve made it through all of the above steps, it’s time to go to MoversUnion.com and book your movers! Find the best and most trusted movers in the country on MoversUnion.com who will help you move down the street or across the country.

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