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Choose a Licensed Moving Solution at MoversUnion.com

For the most part, moving and trucking companies are completely above-board, licensed, and very trustworthy – and that is exactly the type of organization that MoversUnion.com wants to partner with. Our moving companies are the best in the land – we verify all licenses and permits before we allow them to become partners on the site. This means that you are getting only the very best and most reliable and trusted moving and trucking companies available to you all day, any day.


MoversUnion.com is all about making connections between a moving company and a consumer who needs to move. We have done the research of these moving organizations, and if you find them on MoversUnion.com, you will know that they are in good standing and are offering friendly and reliable services to our users. Whenever possible, it is good to get more than one estimate from a moving company, especially if you are considering a larger or out of state move – which can be particularly expensive.


There are a few tips to keep in mind when you are hiring your movers:

  • Make sure movers are aware of everything that goes . . . and what stays.
  • Check to ensure they have insurance.
  • Read the contract carefully, and keep your copy until you verify all your belongings are safe.
  • Ask questions if you have them.
  • People love to move in the summer when kids are out of school. However, if that’s not a concern for you – consider moving during the summer months. You will get a much better price and more flexibility on your times and dates.
  • Don’t change your delivery date. Incurring additional storage costs due to your delivery location not quite being available is a huge bummer. Avoid that problem by confirming that your delivery and pickup venues will be available when you need them.
  • Always check your inventory.

Use MoversUnion to connect with a broad range of different moving companies across the U.S. to get your items moved quickly and safely. Call us today!

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